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About us

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky in front of praxis sign

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky is a scientist and researcher with a PhD in Biochemistry as well as a health practitioner (she is not a medical doctor). She is an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, a Nutritional Therapist, an Advanced Child and Brain development Nutritional Advisor and a Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapist at Slim Your Way.

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky is highly experienced in the treatment and management of overweight clients, chronic conditions including IBS/SIBO and other digestive, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Having suffered most of her life from her own digestive issues (including IBS/SIBO/SIFO) and other conditions (gut parasites, chronic EBV, mould illness, a cardiac condition, debilitating ovulation pain, fibroids and breast cysts, shoulder calcifications and being overweight while battling overwhelming stress in her life), she has developed a passion for helping other adults and children regaining their health and life back using natural methods.

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky offers empathy, emotional support and care that only someone who has experienced similar issues can provide. Because therapies are only effective if they are personalised, she offers personalised treatments to suit client’s own unique bodies and circumstances in form of suggestions for best nutrition, diet, lifestyle plan, supplements, etc.

Conditions we can assist with

SIBO sufferer

We have experience in many areas including:

  • Personalised Weight Loss, including weight loss based on your genes
  • Weight Management
  • Personalised nutritional therapy for various conditions or to simply reach your optimum
  • Nutrigenetics (how your genetic code can be taken into account to make personalised nutritional recommendation) and Nutrigenomics (how foods can be used to regulate your gene expression)
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
  • Gut conditions including parasites, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO/IMO), Small Intestine Fungal overgrowth (SIFO), Food intolerances and many others
  • Mould Exposure
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia (such as Atrial Fibrillation) & Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)
  • Personalised transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation treatment for various conditions (inflammation, digestive/gut issues, depression, anxiety, weight loss, cardiac arrhythmia, autoimmune disease and so many more!)
  • Autism, Epilepsy
  • Hyperactivity and ADHD
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks
  • Mood, Depression, Aggression
  • Picky Eating and Food Neophobia
  • Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
  • Improving attention and memory
  • Many other conditions (inflammatory, autoimmune, etc.)

Clients who are most suited to our care

  • have lost trust in GPs and traditional medicine, or do not find the answers to their questions or the help they need when visiting their GPs
  • need to be listened to and cared for as well as taken seriously
  • need to be allocated more than the 10 min standard GP appointment to assess and treat their complex health condition
  • are chronically sick
  • want to find a drug-free approach to managing their condition
  • want to understand the root cause of their conditions and not just fix the symptoms
  • want to achieve optimal health or simply be at their best
  • need to lose weight or maintain their weight
  • are prepared to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve clinically significant changes
  • want the best nutritional advice for their children and their brain development, so that they reach their full potential and have the best chance of succeeding in life

Our approach

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky always takes a holistic approach to treatments. Being a scientist and researcher as well as a health practitioner, any advice, treatment or test Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky provides or suggests is science based. There is no room for guessing in her practice and she relies on health data to monitor your progress. Her goal is to get to the root cause of your health problems and not just treat the symptoms.

Her preference is to work in collaboration with your family/preferred GP. She usually writes a letter to your GP summarising her findings after your initial consultation and may suggest additional testing if required that they may wish to prescribe for you. This is to make sure you are able to benefit from Medicare to cover the costs of these tests. Alternatively, she would be able to prescribe these tests herself but without the Medicare benefits.

What we would need before our initial consultation

In preparation for our initial consultation, it would be great if you were able to:

  • Start gathering any health test results you have (the more the better) including blood, urine, stool and any other relevant test results for the past couple of years. These will need to be scanned and emailed to us one week before our appointment (or earlier if you can) so that we have a chance to review all data prior to our first consultation. This will give us a good picture of your health history. If you do not have a copy of these results, please contact your GP to request a copy of these as it is your right to access your own health data. Alternatively, we will be able to organise new blood tests and any other tests as appropriate for you.
  • Please start making a list of any food, drinks or supplements you are reacting to and include symptoms, their location in your body and approximate time when they occur (e.g. bloating and cramping in my upper belly 30 min after eating garlic together with brain fog and intense anxiety). Please email us the list prior to our consultation.
  • One week food diary (everything that goes into your mouth) indicating what you eat and drink and what supplements you take. Include approximate quantities and time you are having them. Include any symptoms (type of pain, brain fog, anxiety,...) on each day. Please list exactly what you are having and not what you think you should have or would be best for you to have. Our practice is a judgement free zone and we are only interested in you feeling better ASAP. 😊

What to expect from a consultation?

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky at desk

After reviewing your case prior to our initial consultation, we will ask you questions about aspects of your physical and mental health, lifestyle etc. that could be contributing to your condition. We will ask you about your personal preferences to make sure your treatment fits you best.

We may suggest further testing through your GP, or done by us in practice. These can include blood, urine, stool test, comprehensive vitamin and mineral and heavy metal toxicity test, DNA tests, etc.

After we have identified the root cause of your condition, a treatment plan will be specifically designed for you to suit your personal needs. Treatment plan will include suggestions for best nutrition, diet, lifestyle plan, supplements etc.

Vagus nerve stimulation may be recommended if you suffer from system inflammation, autoimmune disease, gut issues, depression, migraine or a cardiac condition. Depending on your condition, you might require several follow up consultations.

Where is our practice located?

Inside the praxis

Our practice is located in Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland, Australia but we take clients from all over Australia and also other French and English speaking countries via Zoom (click on the menu on the top left to find us).

Consultation fees

Our consultation fees are as follows:

  • Initial consultation (up to 3 hours): $?
  • Follow up consultation (up to 2 hours): $?
Vagus Therapy:
  • 1 Session: $80
  • 5 Session Package: $300 ($60 per session)
  • 1 Session during consultation: $60
Consultation fees do not include costs of tests or supplements. However, we offer chat support in between consultations as it is critical that clients are able to ask questions or share any doubts or concerns that they may have while undertaking their treatments, to give the treatment the best chance of success.

How to make sure we will be able to help you?

Dr Laurence Rossato-Pudmenzky knows all too well how important it is for the success of any treatment to feel comfortable and in good hands with your practitioner. So to make sure you feel comfortable with us, we offer a free of charge mini consult where you will be able to describe your issues and make sure we will be a good fit so that we can begin our healing journey together as a team!

Why don't you give us a call on 0490 848193 or email us to see if we can help you?

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